What Does It Take To Get A Lifeguard Certification?

The purpose of a Lifeguard Certification is to teach applicants the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies. Lifeguarding gives you a lot of  skills that are essential in many other jobs as well as everyday life. Lifeguards must be responsible and alert, plus able to assert themselves in scenarios where people’s lives are at risk. So, to better understand  what a Lifeguard Certification requires of you, here are a few things to remember. 


Find A Training Center

When you have decided on which type of lifesaving course you want to take up, you need to find a training center where you can take the accredited lifeguard course. You can choose a course from the number of programs that are recognized nationally. 


Register And Go
For The Pre-Test

So, before you start to take the training you need to know the basics as well, in order to pass the pre-test. The pre-test is conducted before you can go for the full-time course. This test examines the following physical capabilities:

The Full-Time lifeguard
Certification Program

Only if you pass the pre-test then can you move to the full-time course. The full-time course generally takes 26 hours. The full-time course will include 7 hours online learning and 19 hours of in water physical training. You will be evaluated for the lifeguarding certification based on both. To become a lifeguard, having passed the lifeguard certification course is a requirement.

What Does lifeguard
Certification Include

The lifeguard certification with the lifesaving training will include:

When you are registering for the lifeguard certification remember, you need to be at least 15 years old. Lifeguarding is a rewarding job. There are many benefits of becoming a lifeguard. First, you are part of a TEAM. Second, jobs are plentiful. Thirdly, flexible work schedules. Being a lifeguard allows you to work outside, soak up the sun and work with friends.  





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