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Learn about Lifeguard Requirements

No one wants to stay cooped up inside the home during summer and get bored. The summer is about getting up, spending more time outside, exploring, splashing into the pools, and enjoying the warmth. So, this summer, as you search for lifesaving jobs near me, get ready to dive in and get paid while enjoying the sun at a poolside near you. As you are applying for the most rewarding summer job – lifeguarding, here are seven basic requirements which you will need to get hired. So, learn about the skills you need to own and prepare yourself for the most exciting and advantageous water park job.

7 Basic Requirements 7 Basic Requirements


Training is an indispensable part of being a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard may bring forth situations of emergency that will make you think on your feet.  Lifesaving Training will guide you about water rescue, dive in, first aid, water safety, pool treatment, artificial respiration, and build your swimming stamina. The training will help you stay calm in the hefty situation, take the right decision, and steps to assist the sufferer best. 

First Aid and CPR Certification

When lifeguarding, effective preparation and understanding of crucial elements and situations are necessary. So, before you start serving as a lifeguard you must have first aid, CPR, and other certain certifications. Certification sharpens your valuable skills to overcome stressful situations, helps you build your resume, and gets you the best job.

Outstanding Swimming Skills

To have the job of the lifeguard you must have outstanding swimming skills with great stamina, in the pre-test of the training, in order to pass. As you have to handle people and rescue the distress, outstanding swimming skills are an absolute must.

Focused Attention

There are days when there are no requirements for you to dive in the water to save a life. But every day, and every minute you are on duty, your attentiveness is on the test. With the vigilant watch on everyone inside the water, a lifeguard can notice the behaviors and danger while stopping it from lingering on to prevent injuries and casualties. So when you are looking forward to searching for lifesaving jobs near me keep note of how important your focus for people in the water is. 

Soft Skills & leadership

To be a lifeguard is not about yelling at kids and shouting at people to make them follow the rules. When you are a lifeguard, to keep up the decorum and manage everything smoothly, having clear communication and politeness is something on your necessary list to have. 

Education, Age & Fitness

To be a lifeguard no necessary education is important. Many lifeguards are in high schools or universities. Your age must be above 15 and your fitness on point to have higher stamina.  

Ready To Take Quick Actions

When you are on a deck, you need to stay ever-ready to jump in the water and take quick and right actions to secure safety. 



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