A Guide to Resort
Lifeguard Jobs

Things You Should Know

Being a lifeguard, you know you are responsible for the safety of the patrons at the premises. There are many areas where lifeguards serve and are appointed, like beaches, pools, and another public water premise. But when you choose the resort lifeguard jobs, there are certain responsibilities, requirements, and certifications you need to take care of.




A pool in the resort is always filled with swimmers, including kids and elder people. So, to maintain safety with all the people around, you need to be focused, be confident using safety equipment, and strong enough to pull anyone out of danger and move them to a safer place. 

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Assistance In Swimming Lessons

Since there are people from all walks of life, there will be individuals not comfortable with the pool. In that case, being a lifeguard you will have to help them with the swimming lessons. 

Surveillance Over The Designated Area & Their Activities To Spot Any Danger

Considering you are a lifeguard, knowing what to look for to determine if a victim is in trouble in the water is a first step, but you also need to know how to look. When scanning, you should not just passively watch patrons in the water. Effective scanning requires you to deliberately and actively observe swimmers’ behaviors and look for signals that someone in the water needs help. 

Lifeguard Certification

Enforcing Rules & Regulations

When people are on vacation and hanging poolside, they might not care about the rules as much. But, being on duty, it is your responsibility to enforce rules and ensure that they are being followed by patrons or not. 

Take Quick Actions In Case Of Emergency

Lifeguards job in case of emergency is meant to work under pressure. So when you are taking responsibility, make sure you act responsibly too. 


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Looking at the water can be tiring for sure, sometimes. So, you need to stay patient and be welcoming to the visitors all the time on duty. 

Lifeguard Certification

Soft Skills

Talking politely and calmly is a must-have behavior for a lifeguard. So, when you are looking for resort lifeguard jobs, know that how you communicate with disruptive guests can neutralize or escalate a situation, so stay calm and keep it simple

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Minimum Age

The minimum age to apply for the lifeguard is 15. 

Maintained Physique

Well-maintained physique with considerable stamina and flexibility for a lifeguard is very important. If they do not have these qualities, there are chances you fail as a pool attendants and injure yourself as well. 


Certification & Training

Having a summer jobs in hand requires you to have certification and training in the following first in the following:


Salary & Benefits

The average wage for a lifeguard in the USA is $10. The pay can vary based on experience, location, time of the day, and other aspects. Resort lifeguard jobs,  may make you eligible for all the benefits an employee of the resort gets – from the accommodation, insurance, meals, and more. So enjoy your summer spending in sun, become more responsible, gain confidence, and get paid for the same. 



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